wuwt (wuwt) wrote in euro_americans,

shipping recommendations

Anyone have any shipping recommendations for moving back to the US from the Heidelberg? We are not associated with the military. We will probably have around 20-25 boxes plus some bicycles.
My guess is using Deutsche post (even by ground) might be really expensive.
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Just off the top of my head I would suggest finding a freight company instead of a mail carrier. It might take longer but I am cheap so I would rather wait the extra time to save the extra cash.
do you have access to any APO???

when i moved here from the states when i did not have an association with the military but was able to mail my items to an apo addy....my hubby's

i mailed boxes..and foot locker crates..you know the black ones??

the other thing i would look into is some of the small moving companies.. like victoria which ship to the states..

but it sounds like not to much..