weser (underpants) wrote in euro_americans,

Passport problems

Hi all, first time posting here. This rant is about my attempt to get my passport which I applied for in January. I fly out March 20th.

I hope I don't sound overly angry, but the NPIC is really pissing me off. I'm supposed to fly to Europe in just seven days, but the NPIC does not pick up there phone. It is 11PM here, and after calling all day (I'm on the phone even now) their "added staff" does not even get my call - the phone tree just decides they're too busy, points me to their website and drops my call! This is insane! This is after calling all weekend!

I've spent a good amount of money and was assured I would have my passport in time, but now it looks likes I may not get it in time. I'm very mad about the time wasted so far.

The online "status" doesn't even give me a status, and the only option they are giving me is to drive to another state for an emergency passport. What the hell? Someone please tell me there is a better option. npic@state.gov has not responded to my email, either.

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. Any tips would be great.
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