katyblue (katyblue) wrote in euro_americans,

Power converter?

OK, just wanted to double check something...  I have a big ass heavy converter. It says it can handle 2000 W.  OK.  SO can I plug my surge protector into it, and then my laptop AC adapter cable and speakers into my surge protector?  This may seem silly, but I do not want to lose my speakers or computer.  I'm scared of frying them.  This thing says it was made in Western Germany.  :|
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That will work fine. Most laptops are dual voltage though, so you could just buy a 220 surge protector and go with that. The speakers won't need a very big transformer, I just use a 75W for mine.
I was just about to say that. I haven't seen a newer laptop that's not dual voltage. Ours are, and it's nice to just have the outlet converter thing, and have the one computer go right into the wall (it travels with him). For my laptop we have the 220 surge protector.

Man, I can't wait to not have to use transformers anymore.
I seccond that :]
Also if you pay for eletric like we do, I highly suggest you don't use a 2000watt transformer. It will use all 2000w while its plugged in. Make sure you unplug all of your transformers when not in use, because they still suck electricity when you have them plugged in.

Like they said most Laptops are dual voltage, I know mine and my husband's are. You can just buy a white adapter for the end of your power cord.